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IFS Business Enablers

IFS Business Enablers™

Our business enabler components let you create and enhance relationships, taking advantage of the latest web, mobile and social technologies. You can give employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners personalized, accurate, real-time information through easy-to-use role-based portals, event streams, and built-for-purpose mobile solutions. IFS’ business enabler components also allow you to integrate with internal and external systems through web services while ensuring security, performance, and scalability.

API & Access

IFS API & Access™ provides you the ability to access IFS Applications RESTful oData APIs, for example in order to extend the capabilities with office add-ins, add-on applications, rapid application development platforms and more. Support for OpenID Connect authentication makes it easy to build scenarios that tie together data and processes in IFS Applications with data and processes in other application and services.

Configuration & Extensibility

IFS Configuration & Extensibility™ enables organizations to tailor their IFS Applications for even better fit their business by extending the data model, adapting or adding to the user experience, and complementing the application flow logic.


FS Business-2-Business™ lets you invite your customers, suppliers and sub-contractors to participate in your business process via the intuitive and easy-to-use browser based IFS Aurena user experience. Processes covered include subcontracted manufacturing, subcontract collaboration, document management, call center, service, subcontract work order, sales, and procurement.


IFS Lobby™ gives people that at-a-glance view of what the situation is in the business as it relates to them, to the roles they have, or to particular processes. It shows them what they need to do, what is lurking around the corner, and helps them take action on these. IFS Lobby is easily tailored to your business’ unique needs. IFS Lobby is a key part of the IFS Aurena user experience.

Mobile Solutions

IFS Mobile Solutions™ lets your employees perform tasks such as time and expense reporting, authorizations and approvals, and much more from any device and any location, even when you are offline. Available for iOS and Android, the apps let your employees work when and where they want, including from their own devices (BYOD).

Data Management

IFS Data Management™ provides the integration capabilities you need to connect IFS Applications to your other applications, or to your enterprise service bus—be it with web services, messaging software, or good old file transfer. Data migration and synchronization build on the integration capabilities to provide support during implementation or ongoing master data management.


IFS Streams™ provides people proactive notifications, not only of key application events and tasks they have been assigned, but also of changes to any object they themselves have chosen to subscribe to. The subscription feature can be used to track when a transaction changes status, when an object of interest is modified, and much more.