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IFS Engineering

IFS Engineering™

Our engineering components make it easier for you to specify and configure design elements, products, assemblies and facilities. They ensure quality by streamlining your administration of all related documentation, including revisions. Everyone in your organization gets the information they need, enabling access to continuously updated data for technical, administrative, and financial decisions. Integration between purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing processes gives you a true cross-company picture.

Project Deliverables

IFS Project Deliverables™ lets you coordinate complex deliveries throughout their lifecycles—from tendering, detailed design, procurement, manufacturing, and/or assembly to installation, testing, delivery, after-sale support, and maintenance.


FS Commissioning™ enables you to ensure that all parts of a facility or industrial plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client though a safe and orderly handover. You can do this in the application through mechanical completion packages and punch lists (also known as snag lists), for example.

Compatible Units

IFS Compatible Units™ lets you manage a set of operations, parts, standard jobs, tools/facilities etc. to do a specific task, e.g. install a transformer in the field. You can also do project and asset estimations complete with revision handling and to work with parallel revisions/estimates throughout the lifecycle, from idea through realization to redesign or decommissioning. Also, a configurator allows you to manage template structures to generate compatible unit and execution item structures based on actual characteristics.

Asset Design

IFS Asset Design™ gives you powerful tools for engineering processes and support for Internet based collaboration. It is a multidisciplinary engineering framework for creating and maintaining information about objects in plants, power grids, fiber-optic networks, and many other types of structures or facilities. You can directly import project information from suppliers and consultants. Tightly integrated with IFS Projects™ and IFS Procurement™, it supports EPCI projects and material management efficiently. Together with IFS Maintenance™, it provides complete asset lifecycle support, even for large revamp projects, without disrupting the maintenance processes.

Engineering Change Management

IFS Engineering Change Management™ simplifies and speeds up your engineering change processes. It lets you receive, review, check, and approve changes before implementing change orders.

PDM Configuration

IFS PDM Configuration™ supports engineering design, configuration control, and follow-up of items and products. Advanced revision management capabilities help you comply with complex regulations. Its powerful “best-fit” search and copy functionality lets you reuse items and designs, making it easier to standardize products and parts.