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IFS Human Capital Management

IFS Human Capital Management™

IFS Human Capital Management™ components save you time and money by helping you manage your company’s most valuable resources cost-effectively. You get fast, accurate analysis that meets all your company’s human resources key needs for personnel development. You also get the essential processes for workforce management and successful strategic human capital management.

Employee & Manager Self-Service

IFS Employee & Manager Self-Service™ provides a complete manager and employee self-service tool that ensures high data quality and employee involvement. Managers perform HR-related tasks to match their needs e.g. authorize time reporting and expenses, plan and follow up appraisals. Employees update their own employee data, apply for leave, time and expense reporting, update their qualifications, etc.

Time & Attendance

IFS Time & Attendance™ makes it easier to manage employee working hour data, which can be clocking based or deviation based time reporting. Wage code distribution and the calculation of flexi-time, overtime, shift premiums, etc., are automatic and checked against central rules. This provides enhanced control over employees’ absence periods, including actions required, along with absence planning and requesting solution. Moreover, you save critical time when employee input simultaneously feeds project, maintenance or production systems and payroll. This provides enhanced control over employees’ absence periods, including actions required, along with absence planning and requesting solution.

Expense Management

IFS Expense Management™ helps streamline and simplify your company’s expense management and reporting system by automating everything from tax calculations to travel allowances and import of credit card transactions. The solution provides connections to project and work order functionality.

Payroll Administration

IFS Payroll Administration™ enables you to simplify and manage your payroll procedures. Payroll solutions are available in selected markets. For other markets, the solution is a payroll transaction interface with a generic framework to support transfer of authorized time and expense transactions to a third-party payroll system.

Health & Safety

IFS Health & Safety™ enables you to streamline health and safety processes in your organization in line with the standards specified by regulatory bodies. It covers a wide area of functionality, from incident & illnesses tracking to actions taken, safety management, risk assessment, medical examinations, material hazard information, first aid licenses, and distribution lists, to alert the appropriate people once an incident has been filed.

Qualifications & Employee Development

IFS Qualifications & Employee Development™ helps create strategic human resource plans and processes for your company by defining the organization’s qualification requirements and mapping these to your available resources. Once requirements are defined and mapped, you can use them for employee development and as an input to recruitment, or a listing of outdated or overrepresented competencies. Processes for reviews, appraisals and employee performance are provided.

Training Management

IFS Training Management™ provides comprehensive support for organizations with internal training operations. It enables the compilation of internal training and qualification requirements and use these as input for the planning of training events while automatically updating employee files with training history and qualifications after the courses have been completed.


IFS Recruitment™ supports recruitment processes through a generic framework which enables recruitment data exchange with a third-party applicant tracking systems (ATS). Personnel requisition requirements can be sent to an applicant tracking system for processing and candidate selection. Then selected candidate information can be sent back for further processing and initiating onboarding activities.

Employee & Organization Management

IFS Employee & Organization Management™ conveniently maps position and organization structures in the system and defines work requirements and benefits applicable to employees. Providing controlled access to employee information, this simplifies the management of employee information while serving as the foundation for the comprehensive operation of all employee-related processes, also in the context of multi-company and matrix organizations. The solution also consists of processes for headcount planning, vacancies, disciplinary and grievance processes as well as employee surveys.