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IFS Manufacturing

IFS Manufacturing™

Our manufacturing components support all phases of the manufacturing process for all your employees, making it easier to plan, execute, control, and analyze many types of manufacturing. This powerful, multifaceted solution offers a simple, highly automated flow for handling repetitive tasks with advanced management-by-exception functionality to trap and action exceptions. It also supports lean principles and mixed-mode manufacturing, where different types of processing coexist in the same manufacturing environment.

Sales and Operations Planning

IFS Sales and Operations Planning™ allows companies to create and maintain a monthly aggregate plan across multiple perspectives of the business including sales, finance, capacity, sourcing and inventory. The solution integrates with the operational modules to collect and aggregate historical data as well as forecasts and open demands. Capacity requirements are calculated and scenario based planning is supported.

Material & Resource Planning

IFS Material & Resource Planning™ includes Master Scheduling for planning of finished goods including time-phased safety stocks, import of forecasts from IFS Demand Planning and scenario simulations. Capacity requirements can be calculated from the master schedule using IFS Resource Requirements Planning. The finished goods requirements from the master schedule is broken down into requirements for components and semi-finished goods using IFS Material Requirements Planning. Finally, a more detailed capacity calculation by resource group can be done using IFS Capacity Requirements Planning.

Visual Planning & Scheduling

IFS Visual Planning & Scheduling™ optimizes your production schedule using infinite or finite capacity. Through graphical presentation of the plan it becomes easy to identify potential capacity bottlenecks or material shortages. The interactive design allows you to directly act and immediately resolve capacity or material shortages. The solution also includes support for sequencing, set-up optimization and the possibility to group operations that share similar characteristics into blocks planned as one unit.

Configure & Make to Order

IFS Configure & Make to Order™ helps you manage and simplify the production to order process, from advanced make-to-order (MTO) to simple assemble-to-order (ATO), including multilevel pegged (DOP) structures. The solution support order-unique production design for standard products, characteristics-based configuration with built-in rules for production. Sales rule logic is obtained using IFS Sales Configurator.

Component Repair

IFS Component Repair™ provides you with an extensive support for doing repairs on components in a service or manufacturing environment, with complete control of costs, risk, revenue and scope. It comes with the possibility to define part exchange deals—loan, single- and double exchange—which make your supply chains more agile and efficient.

Project Based Manufacturing

IFS Project Based Manufacturing™ allows you to plan and execute manufacturing as part of a project scope. Costs for material, labor and operations are automatically allocated to the project. Inventory functionality can be performed in a project context, and you can transfer material between project activities, and between project inventory and standard inventory. The solution also includes the option to run material requirements planning across the scope of a project.

Discrete Manufacturing

IFS Discrete Manufacturing™ is a comprehensive solution to support the production process from shop order requisitions to receipt of finished products. The solution includes material availability checks, scheduling of operations, consideration of tools and labor, integrated quality management and analysis. Reporting of operations or material transactions can be done in different ways using interfaces tailored for the specific situation such as bar-code readers or operator terminals.

Batch Process Manufacturing

IFS Batch Process Manufacturing™ supports recipe/formula-based manufacturing typically found in the food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries. The solution includes full traceability from raw materials through intermediates to finished goods. Batch balancing makes it easy to deal with batch size restrictions on multiple levels. Sequencing based on product characteristics minimizes changeover cost. IFS Batch Process Manufacturing comes with native support for quality management with control plans and analysis, catch weight, multiple units of measure and shelf-life control.

Repetitive Manufacturing

IFS Repetitive Manufacturing™ improves your efficiency by reducing, and even eliminating, transactions in the manufacturing process. Combined with IFS Material Planning™, you can create a hybrid pull/push system using material requirements planning (MRP) to generate production line schedules, plan supplier schedules, and dimension Kanban circuits.

Shop Floor Reporting

IFS Shop Floor Reporting™ is an efficient, easy-to-use way for your employees to quickly report production information. It gives you the status of your operations, the quantity of manufactured and discarded items, and the accumulated operator hours.