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IFS Sales & Service

IFS Sales & Service™

Our sales and service components provide business processes vital to your customer relationship management (CRM). They manage your customer interaction chain from the sales lead, through the sales cycle, to the ongoing support and service of the customer. Our sales and service concept allows you to focus on where you can add value to your customer through product, service, and support.


IFS Mapping™ enables you to visualize driving routes, alert on due jobs and efficiently plan lastminute jobs. It provides virtual road and satellite maps with overlay information about ongoing and planned jobs and is integrated with Microsoft Bing™ Maps for Enterprise (Software + Service). Any business object such as customers and customer orders in IFS Applications can be configured to be visualized in the map.

Service Quotation Management

IFS Service Quotation Management™, integrated with IFS CRM™ enables your service organization to accurately quote for Service Contracts, packages of work and individual service calls – empowering sales through service delivery.  Contract and job-based margin information is calculated and presented seamlessly, enabling you to predict contract and job-based profitability with accuracy and speed.

Service Contract Management

IFS Service Contract Management™ lets you accurately specify and control the service level for each of your customers and service activities. It improves efficiency by automatically checking and following up on items agreed in the contract.

What-If Scenario Explorer

What-If Scenario Explorer™ (WISE) is an advanced modeling tool for organizations with a mobile workforce. As planning for change is an integral part of successful service delivery, WISE lets you evaluate alternative courses of action to choose the path with least risk and highest reward. WISE puts the power of the Dynamic Scheduling Engine to work to help you explore different scenarios, more quickly and more accurately than ever before.

Dynamic Scheduling

IFS Dynamic Scheduling™ enables you to optimize your mobile workforce by dynamically scheduling multiple business-defined constraints, such as skills and SLAs, to improve customer service and work efficiency. A highly scalable scheduling solution, it includes the Dynamic Scheduling Engine (DSE) and an intuitive scheduling workbench for exception management. It is available both on-premise and through the cloud (Software as a Service).

Field Service & Mobile

IFS Field Service & Mobile™ empowers your service operations to deliver World-class, customer-focused service from quotation and order taking, through execution of field service using IFS Mobile Work Order™ to invoicing and analysis. It also supports dynamic scheduling of field resources as well as accurate pricing for on and off-contract work within and beyond warranty periods.

Call & Case Management

IFS Call & Case Management™ enables you to effectively provide call center services to your customers for field service or product support. IFS Call & Case Management also supports thorough analytics by bundling a set of prepackaged measures for all parts of the process.

Product Estimate Management

Product Estimate Management™ supports manufacturing companies to handle complex price estimations in order to establish the best possible bid price of a product when submitting quotations. We make use of the embedded CRM solution to enhance the collaboration between technical sales support in back office and the sales rep. Advanced cost and build-up functionality enables users to determine whether a product can be manufactured or marketed with a profit.

Sales Configurator

IFS Sales Configurator™ guides your sales personnel and customers smoothly and conveniently through your selection of products, product characteristics, and accessories. An easy-to-use “product advisor” builds configurations through a series of questions that precisely define requirements.

Web Store

IFS Web Store™ gives you an out-of-the-box solution for web-based order management and an ideal tool for spare parts sales. You get a variety of ways of searching for and selecting products, as well as price and availability checks, customer registration, and order tracking.


IFS CRM™ enables you to create one corporate memory with end-to-end visibility to customer information. With it, you can integrate back-office processes directly with front-office processes.