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IFS Supply Chain

IFS Supply Chain™

Our supply chain components, together with manufacturing, form the basis for your supply chain management solution. These components offer the simplicity you need to better visualize product flows and use the system efficiently, and you can easily adapt to different distribution models and working methods. They give you the agility you need to grow and support change throughout your enterprise and let you take advantage of realtime communication throughout the order-to-delivery chain.

Demand Forecasting

IFS Demand Forecasting™ allows you to plan visually using graphical representations. A highly collaborative, graphical, and interactive tool, it is one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use forecasting tools on the market today.

Supply Chain Planning

IFS Supply Chain Planning™ supports integrated planning across a supply network including multiple sites and legal entities. Forecasts and actual demands are captured at the end-point of the supply chain, turned into time-phased supply plans and transferred to external suppliers or internal manufacturing sites. This improves the integration between sites resulting in reduced inventories and improved customer service.

Inventory Replenishment

IFS Inventory Replenishment™ allows you to execute differentiated, highly automated inventory planning integrated with the demand forecast. It also makes inventory replenishment more agile by providing a multitude of planning strategies such as economic order quantity, servicelevel- driven safety stocks and special models to handle slow-moving parts.

Sales Order

IFS Sales Order™ lets you manage your sales order processing at one or more sites and is a fundamental part of the IFS Supply Chain solution. The solution covers the complete cycle from Sales Quotation to Customer Invoice and Returns. Various sourcing options such as inventory, external supplier or manufacturing are supported. To be able to promise reliable delivery dates to customers as well as provide accurate planning information the solution also includes customer routes and the supply chain matrix that holds the lead-times between sites, customers and suppliers. IFS Sales Orders offers a multitude of pricing options including customer agreements, price lists, campaigns, sales promotions, rebates as well as various types of discounts and charges. Customer schedules can be used to facilitate forecasts and call-offs in repetitive environments.

SRM & Procurement

IFS SRM & Procurement™ lets you track your supplier interactions, source components with the RFI/RFQ process resulting in Supplier Agreements or Purchase Orders. The solution will streamline your procurement administration. From requisitions to order, through delivery monitoring and goods arrival. This helps achieve better pricing from suppliers through centralized purchasing and is well suited for multisite companies operating in a global environment. Purchasing of both direct and indirect material is managed including support for authorizations. Supplier schedules can be used to facilitate forecasts and call-offs in repetitive environments.

Shipment Management

IFS Shipment Management™ is a solution for inbound receipt as well as outbound deliveries of shipments. The inbound receipt of material including inspection, returns and scrap. Inbound receipt can be done based on a dispatch advice received from a supplier or an internal site or a purchase order. IFS Shipment Management also supports the outbound shipment process with reservation, picking and delivery of goods. Transport documentation such as goods labels, consignment note, delivery note, bill of lading and proforma invoice is created. Also, outbound electronic dispatch advices are supported. Capabilities include support for standardized integration between trading partners using GS1 including support for GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and SSCC (Serial Shipment Container Code).

Rental Management

IFS Rental Management™ provides embedded functionality for supporting the rental processes: renting in, renting out and handling rental demand on project. Rental demands can be supplied both internally, from own inventory or internal supplier through the intersite process, or externally, back-to back. A single solution gathering all data in a central component, it offers common processes for rental and non-rentals e.g. deliveries, receipts, inventory management, and invoicing.

Warehouse Management

IFS Warehouse Management™ helps you manage the entire warehousing process from goods receipt to point of issue. The solution includes support for traceability, shelf life management, consignment stocks, handling units, put-away and a range of reservation options. Warehouse activities are to a large extent task driven and reported with barcodes and handheld computers for efficient and accurate real-time processing. The component also includes a basic solution for reorder based planning and automated generation of order proposals. Internal issues of material in stock are managed using Material Requisitions. The solution gives you support for standardized integration between trading partners using GS1 including support for GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and SSCC (Serial Shipment Container Code). Also included is the possibility to plan and hold inventory in remote locations, typically stocks of consumables or spare parts.